the sun comes up because the world turns (tempertemper) wrote in bones_ga,
the sun comes up because the world turns

You are invited...


There will be games and chat and fic and funtimes! Don't miss it!!!!

If, as we hope, you are planning to attend there are a couple of things you can do right now to prepare...

1. Guess the registry! Since this is TV land not real life we can't view Brennan's baby registry but we CAN have fun guessing what would be on it. Set forth and google the bestest 'Bonesy' presents and 'bring' them with you to the party - if you need help posting pics in comments etc, LJ has helpful FAQs right here.

2. Create the baby! Head over to, find your favourite pics of Booth & Brennan (good source of caps here and promo pics here and upload them to create your ultimate designer BB!baby... the idea being we'll end up with many babies from which we can choose the best Booth and Brennan lookalikey-likely baby.. does this make sense? Super silly fun! (Note that our leads are both pre-loaded in the actors gallery on that site but if we all use those pics we'll end up with indentikit babies *g*)

3. Sign up for tag fic! If you would like to take part in a kind of round-robin tag fic please sign up at this post - the idea being that people will write a short piece of fic and pass it on to the next person and so on. Could you let me know the timezone you're in/time you're most likely to be around too so we can try and avoid hours of delay? Thanks!!

There will be other games and if you need to prepare anything I'll let you know about it during the week.

Also! Please please use the code in the little box below to pimp this invitation about the interwebs because more people means more funtimes!

Finally, many thanks to my baby shower wing-women, without whom this would not be possible. Cheers for razztaztic and arctic_comet and to a_mistletoe for having the shower idea in the first place! Y'all rock.

See you there!!!

Tags: baby shower, just for fun
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